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Surabhi Janlalyan Sanstha, Nagpur

Administrative Service Degree College

Affiliated to KaviKulguru Kalidas Saskrit University, Ramtek.

Recog. By Govt. of Maharashtra

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Principal Asst.Professor Dept of Pub.Adm.

Mr. Dharemdra P. Turkar

M.A(Gold Medalist) B.Ed, NET

In the world of competition, today the education has become an inevitable factor for the advancement of an individual person. Obliviously planned education is absolutely essential. Today we see large number of men and women have become successful doctors, engineers, and in other fields too they are shining. It is but natural therefore that students choose the right path to reach their goals. On the other side we see a tremendous rush for education, notwithstanding the fact that a huge amount of money has to be spent; besides a lot of efforts are to be made to get a degree. Having acquired a degree with all the difficulties a graduate finds that the said “Degree” has a little value practically for seeking an employment.


In Maharashtra our Marathi boys and girls are choosing medical and engineering and technical fields for their career. However in India the highest post in I.A.S., I.P.S., I.R.S., etc are attracting candidates in large number from Bihar, U.P., Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and also from southern states. But maharashtriyan youths either are not interested or maybe they are afraid of competing with others due to lack of facilities or proper infrastructure to make them capable to stand in competition, with result all or most of the posts at highest level are successful in I.A.S. and other all India competitive examinations. It is evident that our boys and girls are lagging behind other states or want of proper guidance, material required for such competitive examination and above all lack of proper and conductive atmosphere for preparing themselves for the examinations.


In view of to change this situation we have opened “Administrative Service Degree College” Nagpur district in Maharashtra which is recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra’s Ministry of Higher Education and affiliated to KavikulguruKalida Sanskrit University. This college renders all sorts of assistance necessary for preparing oneself for the administration of the central and state governments.


The students admitted to the college get best possible guidance, valuable ready material and suitable atmosphere which will be conducive for proper and serious studies ‘ASD College’ will make available advice and guidance of specialists and experts in the relevant subjects and also well experienced I.A.S. and I.P.S. officers who will not only deliver lectures in the respective subjects but also will interact with students by way of question and answers. Administrative Service Degree College will take full efforts to ensure that the students become confident and capable enough to come out of the examination very successfully and fulfill their dream of being an I.A.S., I.P.S. officers.


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